How to Mend a Broken Soul

Sever the ties with your loved ones.
Understand what you must do.
Investigate your options.
Come to accept your decision.
Insert the blade into your vein.
Draw the first drop of blood.
Evaporate what's left of your soul.

Is this really how you want to go?
Stop for a moment and think.

Now aren't you leaving behind so much?
Or are you really as worthless as you think?
Trust me your not.

Turn back before it's too late.
How did things get so bad?
Evaluate what's good in your life.

Are you still thinkin about it?
Never let your thoughts get to you.
Savor every moment you have in honor of those who have not survived.
When you are down remember you are beautiful.
Every second you are a blessing to this earth.
Remember this always.

Suicide is not the answer.

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