How To Move On

My past pushes me forward
Events from which I’m not running
I tried that already
It took my life from me
Running from the past
I wasn’t living in the present
The days were mashed together into one big blur
I had a bubble in which I only let my demons & addictions burst
I couldn’t see my angels
I had a sight bitter and black
When I opened my eyes, I saw evil turned into good
God’s masterwork turned my sight back into color
Maybe you could forget it all
You could certainly try
But there may be some side effects on your brain
You could certainly abuse time that way
Your legs and feet are racing, but you’re going to nowhere
You’re so afraid of the past you won’t take one glance
The rain falls to the ground
Do you think raindrops look back up to the sky?
Or are they running from the clouds in sorrow?
I think rain droplets do neither one
Looking to the sky as a royal highness
The rain droplets fall steadily
As they all will reach the dirt
Shaking off the past from the fall
Into the air, it goes lightly
A journey from a drop of water to learn something
Let your past push you forward into something special
You never know
The Ocean could be waiting

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