How We Effect

As we grow older, what will the world become,
Will we see the birth of human robotics
Or will we just see our human population grow.
Can we conquer our fears and become one with the earth
Or will we just settle for what we've got.
Can we overthrow the government and make a fresh start
Or will that divide us even more apart,
I am a human.

As I grow older what will I see,
Will I see the humans create new things
And wonder if they're here to help or to hurt,
Or will I see the new things they bring is happier than it seems.
Will they ever come to realize what they've destroyed
The water they drink the little animals scampering around
And most importantly me, or will they wipe me clean,
I am the earth.

As we grow older, what will we become,
Will we fade out or will our habits first.
Will the large creatures destroy us until we are extended
Or will they stop to think about what their doing.
Can we become one and be happy
Or will they keep ignoring us.
Maybe we should step up our game and inject
Ourselves into the things that take our homes
I speak for them.
I am the animals.

As I grow older what will become of me
Hopefully I won't be here next year or the next,
I'm tired of me being the bad guy.
Sometimes I have no choice, I have to be in their life
I stick wright by the homeless when their asking for spare coins.
I wish that everyone I've affected will speak out and help others.
When they have no more tears to cry no more helping hands no more
What will they do
That's why I have to go
I am poverty.

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