How we have learned to love

How we have learned to love
We learned to love with our eyes closed, blindly hurling ourselves towards the idea of falling
Tying rocks to our shoes as we stepped into each other
Holding my breath, believing your lungs were big enough to support us both
Giving you my breath as you took it from me
Opening my heart as you treaded in
Tumultuously accepting you
But I don’t want to close my eyes anymore
I have discovered my favorite color while entangled with your limbs,
The color of your shaking voice as you told me those three words
The color of your being as you wrapped me in your poems that will never leave your lips
The color of your eyes glistening as you speak of the blades of grass
The blades of grass as they slice through any doubts I had
The blades of grass that caught my body as I fell for you
The blades of grass that you decided to cut down one day, masking your body in glass armor
Sacrificing the grass as you paraded through with the vision of her
I didn’t know what love resembled until that day
It matched the way your lips pursued together stamping her forehead
The imprint of your body harmonious with hers

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