However Time Still Goes On

However time still goes isn't up to us
We can't stop time or speed up time
It not our job to make time go or stop
So whatever you do don't wish that time would stop
The world doesn't evolve around you or anybody else
As you grow you wish for time to stop or speed you
Because you can't wait to be grown or to be younger
But you'll never change you may get older

However time still goes isn't up to us
So please even if you despise how you look
You should be proud that you're a live and moving around freely
Some people wish they could go back in time and change what happened
I wish as well it won't happen it was meant for a reason
What ever happened in the past is the past
Now Is the time to live for now and the future
God will always be there not matter who is in your way
Never judge unless you want to be judged

However time still goes on it is not our fault
It's not His fault either he created us for a reason
Some people don't know what reason that is
He will always be there no matter what you do or what you say
Only time can make a difference in our lives
So please even if you hate or even love what you've become
You will never be alone as long as you believe
However time still goes on

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