How’s The Weather

How's it going I ask without thinking
A quick "Don't ask" comes without blinking
Well I was being polite or so I thought
Instead out came worms from overly rot
As if waiting for unsuspecting prey
My bed now made I must undeservingly lay
Have you ever opened your mouth and just known
Was it obvious to that person from discomfort shown
You weren't really interested in detail just a formality
We all experience someday from simple courtesy
Remember next time you ask an old friend
How they've been doing instead of hi [demise] at end
Are we heartless souls now destined to be
Desensitization brought out by all, you and me

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This Poems Story

Walking in the store one day I saw an old high school friend. I asked how they'd been doing and as they started to reply from the first statement I knew I was in for it.I was merely being courteous or so I thought. To ask a question of someone you hadn't seen in quiet a while is dangerous ground. As we grow older our lives go in such different paths that we are never aware of what lies ahead or has past for some. Without knowing you open a can of worms .But deep down [as ugly as it seems] you truly just don't care to know all their life's struggles. Is that the most awful thing to say? Or is it how we really all feel, just don't ever say for the fear of hurting another's feelings?