Jon Bellion once said he's sick of being human
yeah most of us are sick of it's nature.
this sickness doesn't respect anyone's complexion
it's hard to try to be better,anyway what are we but humans
sometimes drenched in tears I ask myself why
as I watch in shame to the plagues we all have caused.
right now with deep pains,I am in total loss of words
as I witness our world tumbling and crumbling down.

of course you will go ahead and quote Christina Perri
that you are only but human.
but must we all thrive in this abnormality and inhabit under such absurdity?
oh I do wish humanity was nothing but a clothing for me to wear
left only to be destroyed to no repair.
if Michael Jackson was alive I will tell him that this human nature is a curse
for I hate what we do to ourselves,we turn a blind eye to the evil that we cause.

Onyebuchi Triumph©

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