Human Kind

Why do the best people always leave, while lesser people stay?
Why are good people punished, while bad people stray?
Why do we stand around, watching others fall?
We've been taught that it's not okay,
To fight, to scream, to crawl.

I'm ashamed to be human,
Associated with weakness and shame,
All of us, each human on the planet of blue,
We are all to blame.

We watch them pass by, each and everyone are floating,
In to the endless blue sky.
We watch, but don't blink,
We cry but never do we think, what could I have done?
Fight, brawl, hide or run?
Any and all are better than none.
But what we do is simply stand and stare,
Letting everything go,
Forgetting we are meant to actually care.

I'm ashamed to be human, to see each person fall.
Stand back, stop. Do nothing, at all.
We, all of us, watch.
As life on flies by,
Left with one single question, why exactly are we alive?

We are all cowards in a mask,
Playing a game, attempting to last.
But, only a human could stand still and rot,
As a man ties his own hanging knot.
We do nothing as each person falls,
Their legs swinging freely in our own halls.

How dare we call ourselves Human Kind,
When we don't think twice about leaving men behind,
One for all and all for one,
Unity and balance are all but gone.

We live together but stride alone,
Crumbling piece by piece into the dark unknown.
The world is drifting, we stand idle and see,
Each and everyone of us, just pretending to be free.

Our planet is dying, melting away,
Leaving nothing behind, we've no reason to stay.
I forget I'm not the only one who feels we are hopeless,
Our humanity all but gone.
We stand alone, fear attacking us like pray,
It is our responsibility, to fight for the lives of mankind,
Each and every day.

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