Human Machines

Any mixtures of chemicals from the working man
overrated society, of Einsteins mind checking the atom of the world
splitting it in half right down the middle
Vincent Van Goghs picture Starry Night is a false hope
it is a dark night filled with murders & drug addicts
running through the streets, no police, no structure of life
only dances of cancer & devilish fiends from down under
there is construction for roads but not for human beings
a redo, refresh button, a new start some say
your souls mind is your heart, beating new views on life everyday
your serenity prayer is the devils temptation for you
he is on our shoulder left & right whispering every bad & every choice into our ears. Shuffling our puzzle of love out of order
rearranging the planets moving our stars killing our hearts
turning men into stone no contact with us only talk
what a being he is, a coward with power I can say the least
forfeiting our right of reason for a pack of heroin & our fighting
parents puts our love & relationships to shame
owning our anchors turning our life into a non excuse fear
making the media our God & the government our Devil
sucking out the lives of innocent people
killing human beings for green paper & documents
thieves of the homeless. Welcome to a world of soul less
dying evil human machines. Only caring about one thing.

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