Human Nature

From the start their was that feeling, is the love in my heart, the forgiveness of the truth, of pain and
Feeling is the warm touch of a hand how you know you have your man , a man who understands,
Feeling is a way of life, numb or aware , tired or scared.
Feeling is a drive to be right, but humble when your wrong and putting up that fight to save your love,
Honesty.. is a creator or love , creator of faith.. and that's the basis for goodness whole and pure.
These are the ingredients to be successful in a relationship, I know for sure, and understanding, is a test of fate and patience to be able to relate.
Love is the answer for all and the one that holds the key for that cannot be measured... Love is tested everyday and should be treasured.
Giving of ourselves and showing empathy, and bringing out the things we may not want to see,
in order for a relationship to survive, this should be our Human Nature that makes me feel alive!

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This Poems Story

These are the qualities and characterization of a healthy relationship that I have learned along my walks of life