Human Nature

if you take the time to watch the world
listen to the breeze
hear her sounds
you can learn a lot.
ive learned that the weather can go from a beaming hot sun & popsicles melting down a child’s hands
to a frightening scene silencing the world & shutting everyone away in their houses in a matter of seconds, hours, days, weeks.
ive learned that although days are filled with light, darkness must come after.
ive learned that flowers will bloom so boldly, screaming their beauty into the midst of the wind only until they are forced to wither away.
and they will always wither away, patiently waiting for the next day of growth.
ive learned that bodies of water will experience moments of compete stillness; serenity.
and sometimes they will be disrupted by natural or physical forces.
in all this learning, i have found that we, as humans, can relate to the nature of this planet immensely.
because just like the weather, we too have beautiful feelings that can turn into body crushing pain
in a matter of seconds, hours, days, weeks.
and just like the days, we too must know that after the light comes the darkness; balance.
and as the flowers go through a cycle of pure growth followed by withering,
we too will find ourselves in times of growth as well as times of discomfort & stagnant.
and as the water is moved abruptly by natural or physical forces more often than it is completely sound,
we too will experience moments of pure bliss; serenity,
along with moments that will take the world as we know it & set it on fire.
so just like the world, we too will never be concrete.

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