Human Nature

The sun is the light of all the Worlds glory,
a tree is a child of 2 loving peoples story.
The mother is the soil, God help you if you harm her.
And last but not least if the father who's the farmer.

We live in an era where although it's not right,
there are times when the soil and the farmer start to fight.
When it's all said and done and they go their separate ways,
Lord have mercy on the price the tree pays.

The problems come next like the way that things are run.
When will the system finally be undone?
Why is it the soil that often gets the sun?
We must learn to see the farmer and the soil both as one.

Next comes a question for all the farmers that could,
never minding once that they absolutely should.
It doesn't matter if their farmer and their soil would.
All that they should mind is what's in the trees good.

"No body is perfect"
"I'm stuck in my own ways"
For every single question you get one of either phrase.
But just who am I and who am I to say
that we should stop making excuses
and we should start today!

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