Human Silhouette

Sit for your portrait, my dear loved one
Sit and enjoy, the motion of motionless movement
Sit for your portrait and tense
Muscles relaxing
Fade and erase and focus on me as I see you
Perching on a stool, borrowed from a canvas studio
Windows, white
Floors galore
Perched, yet not caged
Oh my loved one
Waiting for completion so you can fly away
Sip this tea that I offer freely
Let it warm you from inside out
Through blood ways and byways, synapses, and causeways
I brush your lip to the canvas
Sensual...slowly, rubbed raw
Soft murmured words, confused, ignored
Stop moving-stay still, stand tall
Brushing your hair with a paint brush
Tangle ochre with vines
Entwine longing with hatred
Faded grey t-shirt, worn boots, placid smile
Sit for your portrait my dark one, my deep one
Sit. Dream. remember.
My dear one, my loved one, my longed for, long ago forgotten one
My good one, my bad one, myself, and then someone

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