Human talent

I made human,you(human)gave birth to men,women.I try
inequality to reisist;here comes you gave birth to
Rascis. I gave birth to:love,brotherhood,faternity.
But what is see is!you killing humanity.It's good that
You are shrewd,i don't find anything weird,but the
Innocence has suffered.Everyone is busy'on mobile',
Probably it's the new 'living style'.you spend your
days playing games;no time for family shame,shame.
Karma is a mirror ,do you know about terror?
See how talented human are;i gave you the world;
You gave me war,violence,rascis.......
ever good thing has sold.Human talent:
Your mom helped you in your hurdle(struggle,pain..),
But you are shy to introduce her in a'huddle'(strange).
I'm okay with your progress,
but the human has disgraced.
Human build themselves up,by putting someone down ,
But they forget; everyone is on the ground(equal).
Hating is not fair,but it's also not rare.
I know you've been going through hardest(pandemic)time.
But trust me everything is goona be fine(with time) ;
Only if you change your change your soul,mind.let's shine.

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