Humanity has ended

Im tired of how people have become
Everybody is totally inhumane
Im old fed up and seriously tired
Of this world cause man its insane

Everywhere i turn there is trouble
I see hate and sadness and fear
Pedophilia murder and Scandals
Replaced values we held so dear

Everyone has real trust issues
Cause they'vE all been taught to deceive
Backstabbing cheating and lying
They're definitely a different breed

Then there is our unruly government
That all worship the antichrist
The sick things they do in the Whitehouse
Have no regard for any life

The only thing music sings about
Is sex money and drugs
While all the women on the videos
Dance naked while acting like thugs

Kids dont respect their parents
And teachers no longer teach
Even at church on sundays
The preacher lies when he speaks

Men are raping little babies
Woman are bruising their kids
Homelessness is at it greatest peak
And the crime rate is off the grid

Science is creating robots that think
And cloning our own human race
Trying to be like the almighty God
Its just simply a disgrace

Prices in stores are off the chart
Debt is at an all time high
People are working themselves to death
Alot give up and commit suicide

Shockingly Last but not least
Devil churches are being built
Our government allowed this to happen
Without one little hair of guilt

God please come to our rescue right now
No good is left here on earth
Im surprised the sun comes up each day
Cause satan on earth has been birthed

By tammy strong

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This poem is about what i see in todays world