Humanity Is Falling

Above all other things I find this the most intriguing,
That we human have lost our compassion, no regret, no feeling,
Someone cries out in vain,
Humanity says,"Silence your screams, we feel no pain."
In this new world so dangerous and chaotic,
Seventy years ago it would have seemed rather exotic,
Back when we helped a friend when they were in need,
Now it's easier to find a pot of gold than it is to find a good deed,
Why do we not care?
why do we no longer feel what needs to be felt,
I hope you see as you read,
That our poor world is only filled with senseless greed,
We don't give anymore, we only take,
You help a friend then they turn out fake,
What has become of this world?
But wait it's not our world that's corrupt,
The people are the ones that have messed up,
And now our children are the ones who suffer,
They learn what we do, and do what they learned,
And this is why we should be concerned,
Not for me and not for you,
But for the children of this new generation,
Who must live in the hate that is seen in every nation,
We must open our eyes in order to see,
How ugly this world is beginning to be.

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