Humanity is Ill

Humanity is ill
Downloaded Hysteria
Organized Chaos
Pious Sinners
Arrogant Humility
Fabricated Perfection
Transparent motives
Plastic Beauty
Globally updated morals
Organized Anarchy
Wag that Dog
Lemming Sheeple
Dangerous Safety
Visionless Leaders
Sightless Followers
Monochrome Vibrancy
Technicolor Lethargy
Sterile Reproduction
Hygienic Sex
Messy Love
Selective Justice
Righteous Hypocrites
Utter lack of balance
Frigid passion
Starving obesity
Entitled homeless
Impoverished wealthy
Intelligent mutes
Loud idiots
Arrogant morons
Vociferous introverts
Reserved extroverts
Violent peace
Peaceful insanity
Globally downloaded principles
Unethical morals
Misdirection, misinterpretation, misunderstanding
Rampant disillusion
Blind Anarchy
Sighted confusion
Soul Chaos
Debating agreement
Performed Empathy
Hypothetical Intimacy
Humanity is ill

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