Humanity’s Man

Go down into the dust,
Reach down and look them in the eyes,
Touch them with your hands,
Meet their gaze,
Don't shun them,
Treat them as equals for that is what they are.
Touch the untouchable,
Reach out not with pity,
But with respect and
Restore their dignity.

Humanity's man,
Is dirtied and sullied
By the mire of this world.
And yet love and hope and desire
Beats within the human heart,
Which transcends and transforms our mere mortality,
Responding to love and the hand of friendship,
As a petal opens to the warmth of the sun.

There is beauty in this miry world,
If only you look for it,
In a brief glimpse of a smile
Or a knowing look, catching a glimpse in another's eyes.
Walk slowly,
Listen in the stillness,
Be open to the possibilities to reach out
And grasp the hand extended to you.

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