A set of exceedingly confused species,
Yet gloriously walking, the earth’s beauty
Selfish and Greedy, are they at times,
Yet generous and loving with their eyes
Cruelty and Evil are part of their traits,
Of which, very few are aware as they fade
Each one is a unique mystery,
Living their lives, making history
The earth! has evenly witnessed,
Man’s way and it weakness.

Who are the ones, who laid the lines
To live in a certain way and say its divine!
The problems will always arise,
Only humans will be there, to live and to die
Be tough and firm like a rock,
No matter what may come, but you shall never crack
You are here on this charming- paradise,
For a reason, which only you should decide
Be a leader and the desire,
Of which all will be amazed and shocked for you sire.

Though your days might be numbered,
You shall fight and never surrender
Success will follow, like a mighty trail,
Only if you passionately learn and stay awake
Never let anyone pull you down,
You should know that the way is up and profound
You might falter in this life,
But remember, it’s the fittest who survive.

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