I'm searching for a fire that has no flame
A burn that will leave no mark
Such a heat that it leaves me warm inside
The glow shining bright in the dark
Only you can release me from this pain
For this I can do without
I'm screaming to you from the stage of life
How loud do you need me to shout ?
Reach out to me because I'm right here
My hands waving ever so madly
Wait, don't turn away from this blinded fool
Such rejection you give to me gladly
You see my puzzle pieces will not fit
In the picture that I'm trying to make
Until you show me how they should go
I'll continue to make a mistake
Is it true that help is always around
Supporting you at each un-opened door?
Then come help feed my need for knowledge
Because I am so hungry for more
My mind is a terrible thing to waste
Take a chance or my culture can't use
These brilliant ideas I have in my head
Ignorance is what I refuse

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