Hunger Inside

The world would be a better place,
if innocent children didn't have to face,

the world's problems so unfair,
like the cold, blunt hunger they so commonly bear,

with an inspirational eye you'll find,
the key to your potential, astray as it floats through your mind,

and some other kid, somewhere else in the world,
discovers that new hunger, as scarce as a pearl,

and this new hunger, off affection it thrives,
churning the heart and mind, like a swarming bee hive,

and as this change starts to occur,
one's wants and needs turn to nothing more than a blur,

when the ideas in your brain ring out like a chime,
these kids want to change the world one step at a time,

and what was once a raw impulse to eat and to live,
turned into overwhelming feelings to help and to give,

to a cause greater than just your own ideals,
starting a sequence which ends with global appeal,

and as I sit here, my thoughts slowly trace,
how this new found "hunger" could make the world a better place

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