It's back, the same affliction that washed over me
In that so very distant past, has found me once again.
It hasn't taken over,
Believe me when I say it but,
It's reaching its pinnacle,
Growing evermore famished for chaos.
For the first time in months,
Midnight thoughts appeared in midday routine.
My guard was torn down.
A slow, heavy burden grabbed me by my soul,
And started to take me.
When I felt it, I was scared.
"What am I going to do?" I asked myself.
There was no answer in sight, I was destined for the gloom, darkness.
It was at every corner of every light that I saw.
It was so very hard to fight off.
I was almost abducted by this
Dark, heavy cloud.
The way I viewed things changed,
Changed to the view of that poor innocent boy
All of those experiences ago,
Who saw twisted images of refuge.
The fading light of day became comfort, just like it did
when in the past the cloud had full control of me. I couldn't
live with myself if I let this small accumulation of bad thoughts
Take over my well-being. So, with great force, I let it fade away.

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