Huntington’s Disease

My mother was the strongest person I ever knew
If you knew her you would say so too
She never deserved all her pain and suffering
The disease consumed her and took everything
So much she endured, just the challenge of everyday
Nothing was all she had to say
Crippled by a cruel disease, can't you give my mother back please
Her every function corrupted, please tell me what mother did
To deserve such a cruel destiny
Please tell me because I can't seem to see
Each year she broke down more, her body, frail and sore
It started so slowly in the beginning, no pain, no sign of suffering
One look couldn't tell you she was in the clutches of disaster
You couldn't see the ruthless disease inside her
Slowly it consumed her day-by-day, year-by-year
Until everything was taken from her, we were all in consent fear
Tremors took over her body, from head to toe
Until she was forced to stay confined, there was nowhere she could go
Her speech slowly slipped away, there was nothing she could say
Soon enough she was struggling to walk
After she lost the ability to talk
Confined to a chair for years, I never saw her shed any tears
The hardest thing is to watch the decomposition of your mother
How I miss and love her
We never minded taking care of her, she suffered enough
Accepting it and letting her go is just tough

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