In strong winds I found you:
Visceral rain of many blades,
And in the eye I was born anew,
A tree born in beautiful glades.

Vines wrap my delicate arms,
Venomous flowers kiss my skin,
Birds chirp a thousand charms,
A love that aches to begin.

Of storms there are no more,
This hurricane is now our home,
We have nested forever in its core,
Crystalline dome made of shiny foam.

The earth beneath in might quakes,
And how lovely is the sound it makes,
Metallic chymes that compose thrones,
in the chaos that our kiss has blown.

As clear springs birth at my feet,
And lilies bloom in your silky hair,
I see you there, in a whimsical suite,
A string concerto of moonlight flair.

Rolled dark plumes of the night,
My fingers sprout forests of Oak,
Graceful leaves and sturdy logs,
In warm pools I let my body soak,
To drown with you, I wouldn’t fight.

Titanic battles swirl within,
Chanting broken melodies of old
Sealed in runic stones therein,
Ripped wounds that I still hold.

Scarlet thick fluid gushing out,
Gathered in a bowl of cedar wood,
Honest taste of your sweet mouth,
Natural rage that soothes my mood.

In luminescent glory of sunfire we bless,
Enchantments of dream and emerald green,
And in a tempest of love, may I confess,
You are the coziest storm I’ve ever seen.

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