Hurricane Sandy

You ripped apart the shores
City lights
Peoples lives
and so much more
We lost alot that day
A child lost her mother
she clutches a teddy bear;holding all thats left of her
A mother lost her son
shes mourning as every tears streams and runs
A grandmother is in a resting home
worried sick about her children
A dog lost his owners
hes struggling trying to find food
Strangers hold out they're hand
as we try to piece back our lives
You hit like Katrina
and caused loss to so many lives
When there is rain
sun is sure to come
we just have to believe
and be strong
I know we can make it we did before
Just trust and believel;we're stronger than before
the lost will be found
as we unite; piece together to make everything right
Just be strong together we'll succeed just believe in us
and believe in me

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