Don't you see
What life has done to me?
The sorrows I have wept, the pain I have endured.
You seem to see the pleasant sea
But underneath there is a storming breeze,
The hurricane that hides beneath the calm.
The monster that rises from the catacombs out of the calming sea.
How do you not see what is underneath,
But the calm sea
You only seem to see is a mask of pretend.
Sorrow-filled land that takes over us,
No one sees when the calming sea turns into a hurricane.
White fire burning within its depths, can you not see
The warning sings of the sea?
The horrible waves
That crash each day,
The fight to eliminate,
The fight to stay sane.
Can't you see under the calming sea?
Can't you see us dying beneath the hurricane,
Beneath your calming breeze?

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