It knocked you down,
Will you try to get up or will you remain silent on the ground?,
Learn to swim in the sea of disappointment and i swear you'll never drown,
Dont give up,wipe off that frown,
You're a queen,step ahead and claim your crown,
Remember that everything has a reason,
You'll get what you want,maybe later in another season,
Its a dark world but you still manage to shine like a beacon,
Loving you is a habit thats extremely hard to weaken,
Never had a doubt that you'll make everyone proud,
One day you'll stand in front of a large crowd,
You'll remember all the promises you vowed,
If you want to see the rainbow you gotta deal with the rain,
The rain is representing all your pain,
It'll wash away, it'll go down the drain,
Good moments and bad moments are interlinked in a chain,
Through the bad,its the good you'll gain,
However,happiness might seem a little hard to maintain,
But trust me, you'll get through the dreadly hurricane.

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