I'm sorry miss
That heart break and pain
Is something you're used too
Some guys make you think that
There all nice but until
They show what's inside and
Then all you see is a douche bag
Isn't that just so sad
That all the hope you had
It just comes crashing down
Like a plane and the 2 towers
And yes it's that serious to me
Cause true love is something
That you won't believe
Just only seen on movies and TV
And the mess up thing is
That this isn't the 1st time
But I want it to be the last
And I can write all this
Cause it happen to me
Just take all the chick flicks
And put in no happy ending
And that's my love life
But I got to strong
And look at my memories
And just move on
Since this poem is more of a freestyle
Seems like a lot rambling
Buts a gamble that
You see the true meaning
But plain and simple
If you got any pain
I'll take it
Got any tears not of joy
I'll wipe it
Or if you want to smile
I'll makes you
But literally like
I'm going to put my fingers
To your mouth and say smile
But I'll make your laughter got wild
But some people call me a fool
Cause I been teddy bear from the age of 2

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