You sit there and laugh and i play along
Im sorry im not as smart as you two But why do u laugh what have i done wrong?
I wish i could disappear and be gone I'm hurt and broken you sit there and laugh
Great now i have math I suck at everything Why do i have to be a disgrace
Life is like a really big maze the only way out is to die
I should just say bye and not see the sunrise
I've tried to die but i fail and the time just keeps passing by
I look at the moon and keep lying to myself
There is a reason you're alive you're not a mistake But i know i wasn’t meant to be
As no one looks in my eyes and sees How everyone hurts me inside and out
I just wanna cry and die What is wrong with me my oh my
I dont get whats wrong with the world u say im a liar a thief and a disgrace
Then i tell myself i was misplaced i was born in the wrong time
And in the wrong place i try and try to end my life i try to grab a knife
But i fail to succeed why am i so scared to end something that means nothing
Im nothing always have been and always will be
Hopefully when i get the guts to end it everyone will see
That i meant nothing to everyone and no one i shall be
I cry and cry instead i get tired
I tell my mom stuff i'm a liar no one loves me i'm all alone
I feel like nothing everyone treats me like stone
I'm skinny down to the bone i starve myself to make myself happy
And hoping someone will notice No one sees the scars
I hide them like anyone cares And i know that it isn't hard for anyone to bare
I don't get how the world can be so cruel I wish i could just drown in a pool
I always overthink i don't know why Tick tock tick tock the time is still passing by
I can’t wait till that day when i take my last breathe because
I'll be happy it’ll be all over i'll be greeting death.

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