You probably don't notice the small things
Sometimes neither do I
The way you interact with people
Sometimes I feel like I want to die
I try to hold back the hurt
But my heart has no more left
I try to hide how I feel
But people always wonder why?
I feel like you've got me caught up
An it's nowhere out
I try to take control, but I always seem to fall
Falling every time, but I never can find the road to drive
Driving for days,
I'm always tired of the games, why?
Going back an fourth down the road
I always find someone dead or alive
I panic every time
My heart is jumping, my heart is thumping
I still can't answer why
I have a bad nerve, which the doctor can't seem to cure
It's a disease of love, which you and I can only tell apart
My body is aching, from the hurt that's deep down inside
My bones are breaking, all because the love can't be found
I just want the love back, I try not to let go
My love for you is so strong
I just want the 1.4.3; I love you back for eternity

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