Do you know what it's like
To be 280 pounds in 2014?
Society and peers constantly reminding you
Of your size and your well being
"You're fat!" "You're ugly!"
The words like knives I endure
I feel closed in a space of hate
It's something I can't ignore
Would they leave me alone,
Would they leave me alone if I was a size 0?
Not a chance; they'll only remember me as "hippo"
There are nights I lay awake
Wondering if today could be the day
My life could change is ray
I say, "I don't wanna be fat no more, I just want to be ok."
Then that little devil inside of me breaks my spirit
Telling me I'll never be nothing more than a fat pig
The little devil wins and I'm back to my dark ways
Do you know what it's like
To have never love yourself
No matter how hard you tried?
Its a struggle for me on a daily basis
My soul is ached and tired

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