I am hurting from within, that no one can notice.
I am hurting deeply inside, I can't hide it anymore.
Hurting is a feeling that I carry with me, every where I go.
Hurting is my life, where I am always sad.
I am hurting from everything I lived, which is still with me.
I am hurt by the names they call me.
Hurting I am when they mark me, when they hit me.
Hurting I am when they don't count me in, when they leave me out.
I am hurting because of this life I am living.
I am hurting because of the nightmare I lived since my childhood.
Hurt is part of my life, is part of me.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl that has been hurt so many times in life and part of the hurting is by her siblings that would taunt her all the time and that would not include her in there travels to places that she would of liked that her siblings would include her and they had different names for her that made her feel real small and that she didn't really matter to them. They were cruel to her so many times that the girl was starting to get used to the fact that her brother's and sister's didn't like her for some reasons.