Hurting Him, Not Me

I wish you could just see
How much you're hurting him, not me.
When he cries for you at night,
I wonder where you get the right-
The right to hurt him the way you do,
When all he's done is love you.
Why can't you stand up and be his father,
Instead of finding him just a bother.
Doing that just tears him apart,
And it's breaking my heart.
To see my son's heart tearing
As he wonders why Daddy's not caring-
Caring the way a daddy should.
Always wondering if you could.
Could stand up and be a man,
But I really don't think you can.
If only you could see how special he is
When he comes up and gives a hug and kiss,
Then looks at you and says, I love you.
Oh, the little things he can do;
The way he gets to the heart.
But you won't let him be a part-
A part of your life or world,
Thinking he'll just make you bored.
Not knowing he'd bring you so much joy.
So go on with your life, and I'll keep my wonderful little boy.
And maybe when you grow up you'll see,
How you hurt him, and not me.

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