body parts over the floor
off the hinghes; he kicked my door
out of my body, i could see
my husband, has slaughter me
he said, i was unfaithful
he said i was untrue
silly things, he would shout
softly, i asked, what's this about
this is going the wrong way
adultery, self pitty, and betray
all my life, i only loved him
in his mind, i only loved them
we would argue; we would fight
defending myself, with all my might
tried to run, he grabbed my hair
to my left, i grabbed a chair
upside his head, with a bamm
to mysel, i didn't give a damn
i never cheated and i never lied
proving myself, has made me tide
he has killed me and left me for dead
in a corner, lyes my head
my body lyes here; my spirit is free
never again, will he beat me

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