Hushed Heat

You weave through halls, eager to get to class before the bell rings.
A smack heats your butt and an eruption of laughter follows;
Your eyes burn behind suppressed tears and you walk faster,
Escaping into a classroom, a textbook, a test.
You are a little girl; to them, you are a land to be explored.
Their eyes travel the curves of your body,
Mapping out their own excursion.
You will them to look into your eyes,
But their tour is a round trip past the 5 Wonders of a Woman:
Legs, Hips, Butt, Waist, and Breasts.
One day, you escape into your algebra classroom.
Here, you are partnered with the “popular” guy.
You are focused on an assignment when you hear your partner say
If he wants a girl to be his girlfriend, she will be.
He uses you to prove his point.
He says, if I want to date you because I think you are pretty, I will.
You would never date him
But you press your lips shut and work through the next equation.
Your partner turns to you; he notices your long, slender hands.
He forms a circle with his thumb and fingers then smirks.
He comments on how nice that would feel.
Your cheeks burn, hotter and hotter.
Inside your head, you yell for him to stop
But the only noise that echoes in the room is the bell,
Signaling the end of another day.

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