People hustle everyday
Robbing, stealing, selling and using
Being a hustler you was taught to be
Being an adult you choose not to be
The hustle life is all you know
Use drugs, sell drugs, steal to get drugs why? to get a high
Having your children around that life is not a good thing
My child, my child
Teach your children to become older to become someone
Teach them to be better than you
Teach them the future and that education is the answer not hustling
I'm 21 years old
Believe it or not I was one of those children
Grew up around drugs, abuse, mental and physical
A child who was rapped at 12
Molested at 14,15,and 16
I overcame that huslte life
I share my story and poems with the next child to inspire them
Inspire them to become someone
To be a success
Your life is what you make it
Huslte Life or a Successful Life
Make the decision
Do not let the decision make it for you
Those people who say,"You will never be nothing"
Look back and say, "I am somebody"
A leader
A sponsor
A success
Most important I'm a blessing

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