Hymns Odes To Swine

Switch me for the bitch to be.
My love wasn't fake.
You leaving me was a big mistake.
People who are cruel
think the world they could rule.
That is not a fact.
Caravores attack.
Your ego you subtract.
When I win it is like a sin.
My child is mine.
If she stays with me that will be just fine.
You can't rewind time.
Your path you will find.
Can you hear the bells that chime?
Read my words that rhyme.
Soon it will be the right time.
Is happiness a crime??
Got lost in trees of pine.
Never drink wine.
Only eat from the ripe grape vine.
Trees with lime under the slippery slime.
Smoking weed from a bong.
You know that is wrong.
Your willpower is not strong.
Have a little faith, I was pure.
You ruined me.
There is no cure.
I want us to be how we were?
Nearby evil lures.
Of that I am sure. My rank a prank.
I don't have money in the bank

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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