Hypen Moth Realm

As of now dead empty as the nothing no emotion coast so open focused beyond less earth fixing.
This couldn't work without reason worth this friend been ever tense
our sense of purpose. The relation with to keep in one with each other never completely separate
her thoughts about me rise awaken.
Momentarily soul deep in her eyes many cries not to show alive hint.

This doesn't only when she is alone about me seen intent in her room stone carbon dead
awake seeks to find away a purpose. It has been without because it may that beautiful corpse despair
face to make wonders under dark state of mind. Where it ends?
Then gave in such when we are together will power divine two better felt something alive
dreaming of touch. It's always together does she often?

Well seek meaning replied the message me send to each complex simple advantage stress exit
holding on last long we go on unending grave dancing.
How dead wrong not to be spot on we've known the hurt circumstance that we all face while in the middle of
the broken fictional heart apart from one another.
That start chosen without life it's like a continuous suffering such in silence me and her.

Dwelling do at nights filled with desire two alone with fire given from the gothic garden desire
of borders will pale we are to tell our story more free eclipse.
Should this ignore at austere others who try to break us up for what? That's there inconsiderate envy many
we don't like fight against it for our bond.

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This Poems Story

The high rise and low of the connection between two spirits.