By Yuta   

Some say you were created for the quest of power, some say you’re an alien
Others say you’re a recompense to a sinful world. What are you?

You’ve no regard for anyone, both rich and poor, black or white. Everyone is confused!

Our leaders who incessantly travel abroad for medical checkup now travel no more, for you are everywhere.

You’ve left the whole wide world in panic, who knows the next victim?

A visitor that comes and sends the lords, the kings, the queens and all subjects indoor.
Invisible to the naked eye .

No hugs, no handshakes, everyone is skeptical, even of the loved ones.
Our daily earning shops are locked down, knowledge centers not left out.
No religion gathering and no business gathering either.

A Third World War without a physical enemy that all can see.
Every heart is bleeding and many souls are hungry.
Who has done this to humanity?

We’ve been indoor, two weeks gone and another two weeks to reach.
Our food stores are empty, we can’t go out to work.
What an unwilling holidays?

Our people have lost their voices, everyone on the horns of dilemma.
Would we die of hunger or by the sword of the dreaded alien?
Many leaders are indifferent and many make big deal out of you.

When hunger commands us harder, we hear two voices.
One says obey the government, another says you must survive by foul or by fair.

No provisions from the giant black government but we see their palliatives in the mirror
How many really got the taste of their aid?

Elders are hungry, youths are angry.
On a slight contrary to the rules, you die from a black man’s bullet.
An irony of human protection.

Stay indoor! That’s all they said.
COVID 19, COVID 419, POLITICOVID 20, all are real, depending on the nation involved.

Corona virus 19 is real and hunger virus is more real in my nation
Malnutrition knocks at the door, should this lock down tarry for too long.
Do our leaders care?

I have a new word for my experience.
This is hyper-politicoronavires in the era of COVID -19.

How may we survive this?
Covid-19 is chasing everyone, hunger is not friendly and our leaders seem indifferent.
Where are we?

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