One day i will close this door
i will shut it willingly
i will not flinch
But like a wounded lion
To my last breath i will act

i will reminisce
The servitude
The bondage yoke
That have haunted my kith and kin
Like a hooded spirit
i will shut doors of agony

i will wipe my tears
i will correct the past flaws
i will chop off those hands
Hands of blatant grabbing
i will sew that mouth of lies
And unlike the hyena,
you’ll burst from within.

i will avenge bitterly
Deplorable deaths in our hospitals
i will spray these vermin
That gorges on our skin and sweat
i will deflate your stomach
That has gulped generations resources
i will make the air impassable
Your jumbo will not redeem you

That day
i will not hold the servitude card
i will not die in the queue
i will storm in your paradise
With my machete,
i will demand what is mine
i will end decades of oppression
i won’t be lesser of a being
but will transform to I

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