What is life's meaning i wonder every day.
I sit around dreaming and hope I don't fade away.
I want to find adventure but I am not sure how.
scared to be no ones treasure i only do what life allows.

I dream of the unknown and what will become of me.
So scared to be alone from myself I try to flee.
I fear to dissapoint all who on me depend.
To push them to their breaking point reaching a dead end.

I turn to books for an escape and that is where I'm found.
Whishing I could change shape hoping I don't drown.
Antisocial I may seam or perhaps even shy,
But my life's theme just don't be the bad guy.

I try hard to fit in but never do I succeed.
With tears my eyes brim when treated life a weed.
Someday I will find my meaning and find where I fit in
Where I never find myself dreaming that's when my life will begin.

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