I am a man
who walks in shadows,
who is known to few.
I am that person
who sits alone,
the one who fights alone.
I am the guy people avoid
the one many fear.
I am the one who can't be seen,
the one in your dream
calling for help.
I am many things
but to you nothing,
like the life you waste.
I am the one who asked,
the one you ignored,
the boy in the alley.
I am the spirit
the reason for life,
the thing you waste.
I beg you to hear me
and I know you can
but fall for free will.
I stand here now
watching you waste time
as you walk past crime
you are nothing
but you don't believe.
you walked away from ME
as I tried to save you
so fall, fall into the abyss,
and when you wonder why
why I didn't catch you
remember I tried!
for when you turned on me
my heart crushed
I, your only true love, cried
at your waste of time
I, your creator, crumbled at YOUR feet
trying to stop you,
but I failed!
on that day
when you don't make it through my gates,
don't you dare try to blame me,
for I constantly held them off
constantly tried to save you!
I was reaching for your hand
you pulled away.
I cried when you left
but when you are cast down
remember this,
I tried because I am your savior
and I love you
but you turned on me
it was not I that left

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