I ain't no killer

I ain't no killa,
But I could be,
Revenge is the sweetest joy and that's the way it should be,
Loyalty been forgotten boys,
Niggas living loosely,
So you gotta watch them and pop them is talwhey unruly,
Not in the position to judge,
But yours truly,
Is on a mission trying to come cause that's my dutie,
Never was a believer in luck,
So you can sue me,
I've been outhere so damn curropt,
Like it's a movie,
Always stay motion so picture how they do me,
Put tha frame on my name then broke it to,
Said it's just part of the game a civic duty friend turn to killas a shame this happened to me,
Not gonna mention no names,
Should have put it too,
Talking like this hear was planned then shots went threw me,
Kill or be killed, they tried to do.me.
My own click, tried to pull off the old mutiny, I wont sumit. Better be quick revenge is brewing, I'm not a killer, but I bet take someone before life before they do me, pay back a trip,

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Killing is easy but life is hard