I Always Do

I guess I'm in denial. I guess I've always been.
So I am contemplating the mess I've gotten in.
Why is it always me and never someone else?
Why do I have to be hurting myself?

I am in pain. It's always the same.
You won't understand what's within my hands.
Holding the world up on my back.
It never stops. It never lags.

The stress is overtaking me, myself, and I.
I wish I could just stop this. I'd leave and then I'd fly.
Freedom is what I want now, freedom from this world.
I'd run away from this Earth, and its deadly hold.

I'll give it my all, but I'm about to fall.
I doubt that I'll hold. My future's untold.
I'll barely withstand the pain in my hands.
But I'll make it through. I always do.

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