I Am

I am a soldier,
Far away from home.
Sometimes I may look happy,
But I really am alone.
I am a soldier, courageous, brave, and strong,
I fight for what is right and try to fix what's wrong.
I wake up in the morning and all I see is sand,
No trees, no flowers, grass, or plants,
Colorless, lifeless, and bland.
I am a soldier, I've traveled far and long,
Sometimes I feel like my life is just one never-ending song.
For you, you are safe,
Nestled in your bed.
While I am fighting for you,
Bullets flying towards my head.
I am a soldier, and I have experienced war.
Feel like my bones are broken,
Most of my body sore.
I am a soldier and all I want is silence,
Please no more, no more violence.
I beg, I beg, I beg, you please,
All I want, all I just want is peace.
Till then I will be a soldier in the cold, soft sand,
Next to a gun gripped in my right hand.
Always on guard for you and your friends,
I pledge to fight till the very end.

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