I Am

I am from
My american girl dolls
from my mother cooking so i wont starve
a father working 17 hours a day
I am from a divorced family
and from parents who used to fight
(and let my sister and I listen to them yell to one another)
I am from loving to be around water.
whose make me feel relaxed .
I am from My grandma who took care of me since i was a baby
a aunt who never stopped caring for me.
from My cousins Michelle and Genesis who give me advice and that
always cheer me up and from
Two cousins that don't really talk to me but care about me .
from a sister who i can always count on and a future niece
who can always count on me. I am from
god who looks over me at day and night.
from tacos and tamales.
from my grandpa who died and left my mom.
and from being the only family for my mom.
and falling and my mom and dad helping me up.
I am from the moments
I got my first scar
and instead of being 4 its 3 in my family.

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