I Am

Horrifically optimistic is what I am,
But honestly assertive is what I hide
Much terror I shield with smiles
But the scars and scratches on the shield clearly resemble discomfort
My basic exterior
Clearly hides my exploding enthusiasm
But marked perceptions only contribute to half the person
I am
Gallows hang over my head and society waits
I feel the tingling sensation of the blade
Even if it is still in its sheath
And much of my angst is from waiting with my head on the stool
Patience does not exist when you'll be beheaded
But mirror metaphors are who I am
Complex and fired
I analyze my many views into stories that explain
Why I'm black
What is my purpose
Either to fight or die
To smile or submit
What can I say to make them mad,
And how can I make them feel the way I do
Marked as vengeance
I know my fibers are stitched with tears of many
But that I who I am
A condescending soul waiting to be executed

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