I am

I am to a Leader to my younger siblings.
I am to be the Fighter in my family.
I am to be Good at school work.
I am to Know when to stop talking.
I am to Learn not to show my feelings to people.
I am not Suppose not to like you.
That’s where i draw the line.
What if i’m not a leader.
What if i’m not a fighter.
What if i’m not good at school.
What if i don’t know when to stop talking.
What if i don't want to learn to hide my feelings.
What if i want to like you do you suppose i can.
A Leader is a Fighter who is Suppose to Learn
To be Good to others and Know what to do in
Times of crisis. This isn’t me but maybe someday
It will be.

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This Poems Story

i am is about the expectations some parents expect from kids and what there suppose to be. but its going and saying what happens if there not that and what it means in the end. there's important word repeated threw out that leads into the end of the poem that puts it to the real test.