i am

By rwz   

I am. In spite of forgotten parts, I am. 
And in darkness when I cannot see, I am. 
Through the broken parts of me, I am. 
Deep in the void of thought, and memory's lost, I am. 
The story continues, still I am. 
The trees sicken and fall, the clouds darken and disperse, 
 the waves thrash and still, and the moon forgets to appear , still I am. 
Silent voices that do not call,  
silhouettes of those I love that fade;
and the chaos that life has made, still I am. 
I am here, when it all disappears -  
when the light fades, and sorrow comes, 
Still I am, and still I will become. 
The wreck of all my woes, is left on the page that turns. 
For nothing is real that does not last. 
For still my tears, they must dry, 
still my heart,? it must beat, 
still my soul will not cease, for still I am. 
It all erodes, but the soul is stone; 
It merely turns with strong winds. 
Whether I lie in the valley, or lie under the sea,  
I am above, and still I am beneath. 

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