I Am

I am woman in the Realm of Man
I am inner light in place that is growing dim
I am strength in a time that reaps weakness
I am deep as the ocean among a dry and barren land
I am unusual upon a uniformly yielding world
I am colorful when shades of dullness unveil
I am animation cast into a silent picture
I am harmony drifting through the Clash of the Ages
I am truth born into a creation of lies
I am a rock holding up the quick sands of time
I am hope pouring down onto a land full of despair
I am inner child as conformity matures
I am integrity within a world grown corrupt
I am courage in the face of adversity
I am faithfulness to the Great I Am
I am control when all seems helpless
I am melody when cacophony rains down
I am sobriety in a drunken state of mind
I am Mother Nature trapped in a web of steel
I am serenity as the raging storm sets in
I am bliss when life grows cumbersome
I am the craziness that guards against insanity
I am soul as the flesh bleeds and withers
I am laughter when somberness invades
I am more than what existence intended me to be

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